In partnership with PC World, the most widely read business or computer magazine, Incandescent Entertainment relaunched Digital Duo in the spring of 2005, bringing a season of 26 new half hour episodes to 184 public television stations as PC World's Digital Duo. The series returns with original co-host Steve Manes of Forbes and PC World, and adds Angela Gunn of

This season brings back the Duo's high tech Siskel & Ebert approach, covering computer hardware, software, the Internet and the broadest range of consumer technology products and services in an entertaining and insightful viewer-friendly perspective from the most trusted journalists in the business.

Since its inception, the show's hosts have been a rich sample of who's who in technology journalism including US News & World Report & Times Digital senior editor Susan Gregory Thomas and Wall Street Journal columnist Walt Mossberg.

This season also introduced as special correspondent Los Angeles Times technology staff writer Dawn Chmielewski, who writes about the intersection of technology and entertainment.

The PC World's Digital Duo website at, features story summaries and streaming media of all the major segments from each episode. It allows viewers to review stories they've seen on television, links to products and services covered on the show, and supports the show's editorial with the vast resources of's lab tests, survey results, and best-in-class editorial talent. PC World and provide great support, promotion, and visibility to the television series with a full page ad each month to PC World's 5.2 million readers and a dedicated section of, an industry leader site with over 36 million page views per month.

Television's weekly half-hour guide to all things digital.